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Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Dr web Anti-Virus & Security Space V7.0.1.05101 | 152 & 118 Mb

Selamat datang lagi di Piracy Island , kali ini Kapten akan memberi 2 buah alat sekaligus yang berfungsi untuk melindungi kapal agan_agan semua 

perjalanan di mulai.........

reviewnya :

Dr. Web Anti-Virus is a powerful combination of anti-virus scanner Doctor Web, resident caretaker SpIDer Guard and Firewall Dr. Web, is deeply integrated into the operating system of your computer. One of the most advanced in the world of heuristic analyzers Doctor Web, combined with daily updated virus databases provide a solid defense, impenetrable to any virus, "Trojan horse", e-mail worm and other malicious code. 

Dr.Web Security Space - the best solution for comprehensive protection of your PC from Internet threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, computer scams, spam, phishing messages, infected web pages and cyber criminality, directed against the measure detey.Vazhnym quality anti-virus program is not only its ability to detect viruses, but also to treat them, not just delete the infected files, together with important information for the user, and return them to their original "healthy" state.

• Integrated solution to protect your PC
• Protection of the online
• Industry-leading treatment of active infections
• Can be installed directly on the infected machine
• High-speed scanning capabilities through the use of multiprocessor systems
• Unique technology block even unknown threats
• Scan the archives of any level of nesting

List of key innovations Dr.Web 7.0:
• The scanner and firewall now supports multi-core processors, which led to a significant increase in performance.
• Redesigned interface and scanner settings.
• Implemented automatic recovery of components of the program if they are damaged by viruses.
• Updated the network driver is implemented to intercept the traffic system components.
• Implemented traffic scan encrypted SSL-connections (HTTPS, SMTPS/POP3S/IMAP4S).
• Updated the firewall: a new driver, advanced statistics, more convenient creation of rules and blocking compounds.
• Added a module Anti-rootkit Service for the treatment of active and sophisticated threats.


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salam kapten dv jack  

.......silahkan berlayar kembali  ^_#  Rating: 4.5,

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